09 April 2011

Writing Method

I have read many articles on approaches to writing a novel. I recall reading somewhere that one author (I believe it was Dean Koontz - sorry for being too lazy to go look it up again), said he perfected each page before going on to the next page. THAT - is simply amazing. I thought about giving that a shot, but I don't think it will work for me.

While working on the last novel I started (not the current), I would re-read parts of it each time I sat down to write. There was something satisfying in that because it led to the beginning being strong and well enough written that I felt confident showing it to others. Unfortunately, at around 11K words into it, I became unsatisfied with the structure and just could not get back into it. I like the story though, and plan to tackle it again someday.

Over the last week, I have done a few re-reads of what I have written and have made some changes. The most startling thing though is that I am finding that some of my characters are turning out differently than I planned them to be. Of course, I want them to grow in some manner THROUGH the story, but these changes are a bit different. I think I am fleshing them out some as I go. That is good thing I believe, however, I am going to have some SERIOUS fun going back and altering how they spoke and some of the things they said early on since it is no longer in line with the character.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I know part of the problem is I do not sit down and make a ton of notes about my characters before writing. It seems like a great idea, but it does not work for me. At least it hasn't so far. I like to get to know them as I write. I also don't plan all the details of the storyline ahead of time, just the general direction.

Anyway - enough of my ramblings for now.

UPDATE ON MY PROGRESS - I am up to 22,000 words, I have been shooting for 80K, and I feel like I am probably more than 25% into the story, sooooo... It may come out a little shorter than planned.  But, I keep adding layers as it goes - which helps keep me interested!

Also, I started reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. So far I am loving it! (As an aside, I had to read the book since I know my wife will drag me to the movie later. After all, even if he isn't an ice cube, Edward will be in it!!!!! (***gasp and faint***). Please excuse my sarcasm... I am only teasing and do not want to offend anyone. I have read the entire Twilight series (almost twice) and love the books! The movies are good, though I was a bit disapointed in the third one. But my wife has a bit of an obsession (that is me being nice about it) with Robert Pattison - so I cannot help but throw a teasing bit in here when I can - since I know she will read this at some point.

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