24 April 2011

Water for Elephants

I saw the movie on Friday. Good movie, for sure, but as always, I am a little disappointed because I had already fallen in love with the story in the book. Some things are impossible to include if your time constraint is around 2 hours, so it is understandable.

It was definitely worth the $20 for the tickets! I cannot say the food was worth it though. We went to one of the newish style theaters where you can have food and drinks from the in-house restaurant while you watch the movie. I like this idea - but they tend to price the food like most movie theaters price their popcorn - like it's made of gold!  Not the MOST horrible food I have eaten, but not worth the price.

Yet - I still go back there... Why? This time it was because I expected the regular theaters would be overflowing with Edward fans and I thought this might help avoid that. I believe it worked - I saw a good movie - My wife got her Edward fix - and we were not overrun by girls wanting to be bitten by Mr. Cullen...

My wife said the theater was cold... I told her to imagine she was cuddled up to a vampire... She laughed, so I wasn’t in trouble for my vampire humor…

I tease her relentlessly about this stuff; however, since I had to live with a calendar of Mr. Vampire on the wall in my room for a full year, I am entitled to some fun!  ha!  (Please forgive my teasing - see a previous post for a disclaimer - I love the Twilight series - and even the movies - it's all in fun)


  1. Good luck with your novel. It is a huge landmark to finish your first book, and once you've written one you know you can write another, and another, and another. Check out my recent post on a day in the life of a writer - it'll make you laugh.

  2. This movie sounds so fun! I lomve the idea of getting to have real food and drink during the movie. I know the food is pricey- but maybe appetizers! :) I haven't seen this movie- but I loved the book! Like you, I am often let down by the movies of the books I love- but I am usually happy I saw them!